Insurance Details & Fee Schedule

The team here at Pure Health wants to make sure you enjoy your experience in Minneapolis MN and St Paul MN. Here are the answers to commonly asked questions to help keep the billing process clear and concise. If you have any other outstanding questions, please be sure to reach out and we’ll work with you to find a solution.
*There will be a 3% processing fee applied to all fees for service.

Do you accept Health Insurance?

Yes, we are in-network for chiropractic care. We accept Health Partners, PreferredOne, Medica, United HealthCare, BCBS, UCare, Auto Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance.

How much do your sessions cost Out of Pocket?

  • Initial 1hour Full-Service Appointment $150
  • Follow Up 30min Full-Service Appointment $95
  • Initial 30min Quick Fix Appointment $79
  • Follow Up 15min Quick Fix Appointment $45
  • Initial 60min Nutritional Session $150
  • Follow Up 30min Nutritional Session $95

***A $25 upgrade fee will be assessed on any full-service appointment when a patient is using commercial/private insurance as 3-4 modalities and extended treatment time will be provided by your practitioner during these treatments, which are services that are not covered by nor billed to your insurance and will be charged directly to the patient via their consent. There is a $30 Fee for 24-Hour Cancellations/No Shows***

How do you handle billing and client payments?

It is expected that your provider will bill your services within 48 hours. Your payment is due at the time of billing. There may be a slight delay in your provider’s billing, if this is a concern, please discuss this with your representative. You have two options for paying your portion of the service.

A. Out of Pocket time service fees can be paid with your card on file prior to your appointment or we will charge the card on file within 48 hours after services are performed.

B. If we are billing your insurance and you have any Copay, CoIns, upgrade, or patient responsibility, the appropriate fees will also be charged at the time of service, invoiced in approximately 30-45 days once your claim has been processed or both based on your plan.

What happens when...?

As a patient of Pure Health Chiropractic, you can create and access your online patient portal to edit/change all personal information. If you still have questions, please use our Contact Us Page to answer any unanswered billing concerns.

Why am I charged different amounts at different times?

  1. You may have had an upgrade fee assessed on your visit based on what services were performed and deemed medically necessary.
  2. You may have been charged for more than one date of service time. This would be due to your provider billing more than one service on the same bill date.
  3. Your deductible may have been met and now you have a smaller copay or coinsurance. Your yearly insurance plan may have restarted and now switched from a copay/coinsurance back to a higher deductible.
  4. You may have coinsurance. A copay is a flat fee while coinsurance is a percentage of the service. Depending on the code your provider bills that best corresponds to the service you received it may have a different percentage owed.


In most cases, insurance plans generally start with a fixed deductible that you will need to meet each insurance year (12 months from the start of your insurance) Before insurance will cover services. This deductible could be $100 or several thousand dollars. If you have a deductible, insurance will process your claim, and your responsibility will be the full contracted rate for the service. For example, if we have a contract with your insurance that we will be paid $150 for a service and you have a deductible, you will be responsible for the full $150.


Typically, after you meet your deductible in each insurance year, you may have a copay or a coinsurance. A copay is a fixed amount you will pay each session, like $20 or $40. Insurance will cover the rest of our contracted rate.

A coinsurance is a percentage you pay for each session, like 20% or 30% of the contracted rate. For example, if our contract rate with your insurance is $150 and you have a 30% coinsurance, you would be responsible for $45 ($150 x .30 = $45). Insurance will cover the rest of our contracted rate.


Sometimes insurance begins to cover the entire cost of your services. This tends to occur when you reach your “out-of-pocket” maximum, which is the maximum amount you and/or your family are required to pay out-of-pocket for deductibles and copays/coinsurances each insurance year.

Please note this information is, for example, purposes only and may not accurately describe your specific insurance situation. It is the responsibility of each client of Pure Health Chiropractic to be aware of their insurance benefits. However, we hope this is a helpful tool for some terminology that you may encounter in your experience.