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Chiropractor Minneapolis MN David Mancini


David Mancini D.C.

Dr. David Mancini, Minneapolis MN Chiropractor, lives by the principle that everyone must be treated individually to determine the exact source of their symptoms. He works with the philosophy that proper structure leads to proper function, and has developed his own holistic program for pain relief, spinal restoration, and how to stay young.

Dr. David G. Mancini is a 2006 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, where chiropractic medicine originated in 1895. With an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology from the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and an emphasis on spinal trauma and strength and conditioning, Dr. Mancini takes a functional health approach to treating and educating his patients on how to live pain-free.

For the past thirteen years, Dr. Mancini has specialized in the advanced spinal pain recovery and quality of life solutions using his Spinal Restoration Therapy program (SRT) and worked with athletes at the professional collegiate level including the UofM, UFC, MOTOCROSS, NFL, TRIATHLETES, and others.

Dr. Mancini’s Mission Statement Is Simple

To better educate and heal the people of Minneapolis MN and nearby metro area, so they understand the true cause of their ailments and pain, and not just mask their symptoms.

Chiropractic Will Change Your Life

“My whole philosophy changed when they almost took my leg. After a very traumatic knee surgery as a teenager, my view of the healthcare paradigm was transformed. It brought me to educate myself on chiropractic and wellness. It could change your life too!”

“I am privileged to be a chiropractor. Every day I see people with acute pain and long-term health complaints get better without taking drugs or the risk of surgery. Thank you for visiting our site. I hope we can become your source of hope and healing in the very near future.”

- Dr. David Mancini

Chiropractor Minneapolis MN Jasmine Hanson



Dr. Hanson is a clinician that understands that healthcare has reached an interesting crossroads. Individuals like you are seeking preventative healthcare because, like the American Medical Association, you see the financial and holistic health benefits that it can have. Dr. Hanson prides herself on her ability to listen and guide patients towards the individual path to health and wellness best for them.

She has special interests in sports and triage care and has been able to help athletes of various skill levels stay in the game including USA Track athletes, Minnesota Vixen, high school athletes, and weekend warriors with various conditions.

Dr. Hanson has been a leader in the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council and has learned from sports medicine icons a broad array of treatment options including chiropractic, muscle work, sports medicine, dry needling, taping, and nutrition.

Dr. Hanson graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis with her Doctorate of Chiropractic and is very excited to return to her foundation. She also has obtained her Master’s in Exercise Science and EMT license focusing on sideline care including impact and concussion care.

Dr. Hanson’s Background

“My father had been on opioids for several years when I was a child, he hated how they made him feel. It was only when a chiropractor took the time to listen and explain his options, did he get the care he really needed. He got surgery and has regular chiropractic visits and has since been unstoppable!”

- Dr. Jasmine Hanson

Chiropractor Minneapolis MN Jessica Wark



Dr. Jessica Wark is a Sports Chiropractor that understands the importance of returning to an activity safely and in an timely manner. She has a passion for educating her patients and giving them the knowledge needed to recover from an injury. Dr. Wark enjoys incorporating corrective exercises in her treatment plans and making unique recovery plans to fit each individual needs.

Dr. Wark specializes in acute and chronic orthopedic injuries and understands the safety guidelines for returning to play. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, she went through post graduate training for obtaining the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician certificate (CCSP), which allows her to work directly with teams during sporting events. Dr. Wark is currently an active member of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association Sports Council and works on the sidelines during sporting events at high school games at Concordia Academy. She also has experience working for local soccer teams of the UPSL level.

Doctor Wark's Background:

“I have always been fascinated by the human body and how it works when we kick a ball, sit, walk and dance. I love picking apart injuries and figuring out which part of the anatomy was affected. My goal is to help people understand what is hurting and why and to give them the tools needed to prevent further injury”

- Dr. Jessica Wark

Chiropractor Minneapolis MN Jordan Knowlton-Key


Jordan Knowlton-Key D.C., MS, CCSP®, ICSC, ASP, EMT

Dr. Jordan Knowlton-Key believes it is essential to educate patients on their health and actively work towards their health goals as a team. Dr. Knowlton-Key completed a two-year Human Performance Fellowship at NWHSU’s Human Performance Center and has a passion for outdoor adventure sports, leading him to volunteer as Ski Patrol.

As a Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Knowlton-Key enjoys combining chiropractic care, soft tissue therapies, exercises, and other treatment methods to create an individualized treatment plan that will get patients back to the activities they love, whether you’re an athlete or not