Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about chiropractors in Minneapolis MN and St. Paul MN. Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you pick the best chiropractor in Minneapolis MN or St. Paul MN for you. If we didn't cover a question you may have, give Pure Health Chiropractic a call at (612) 345-8004 - Minneapolis or (612) 421-2128 - St. Paul and we will be more than happy to help answer your question.

What does a chiropractor treat?

Most musculoskeletal, spinal and nerve conditions.

What other conditions can be treated by chiropractic care?

Oh so many! Plantar fasciitis, text neck, knee pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel, nerve injuries, headaches, post concussion, whiplash, elbow tendinitis, hamstring strains, rib injuries, and many more! We are primary care providers so we can assist in many things people often don't know we can! So let your provider know of any complaint you have going on and they can let you know if they can help or they will refer you to the right provider that can help you!

Can I get chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Yes! We have treated patients that are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Our tables have break away features so the patient can lay on their stomach without any harm. We often modify our treatments as your pregnancy progresses but it can be one of the main treatment options for those that are pregnant with any pain or discomfort during and after labor.

What types of pain do chiropractors treat?

All sorts! If it has a joint we can help! Our office does a lot of care on muscle and ligament injuries as well, think head to toe treatment!

Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

Not usually, sometimes there will be some initial discomfort or soreness after care but lingering pain is not a common result of chiropractic adjustments.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

Yes, your provider will go through a series of orthopedic tests to make sure adjustments are safe for you. If they do not think you are eligible for more high velocity treatments they will recommend more gentle techniques and you as a patient can always ask for more low force adjustment and we will be happy to oblige.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?

Nope! adjustments are tailored to each person based on their personal preference and what the provider thinks will provide the best results for your individual needs.

Will a chiropractic adjustment completely remove back pain?

Unfortunately no type of healthcare is guaranteed. Chiropractic care is considered a conservative care technique. It helps with a lot of conditions such as structural issues of spinal compression or misalignment, scoliosis, or a disc injury; their condition can be benefited and oftentimes completely resolved by treatment. But, if you have lingering discomfort we also offer MedX spinal therapy for long term strength and conditioning to stabilize the issue long term.

Can I learn to adjust myself?

Self adjustments can be dangerous when too much force is applied. It's best to gently stretch and if a cavitation happens that is okay. Stay away from any self rotating maneuvers. Any self adjustment should be natural, if you have to jerk or move your body in unusual positions it can often make a situation worse or cause more harm. Leave the specific needs to a specialist like ourselves.

Will I be required to remove my clothing at my appointment?

It's best to wear loose fitting clothing as we often do muscle work that can be directly on the skin. We can, although, do therapies over clothing so no need to remove anything if you are not comfortable.

Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for children?

Yes, we do gentle lower force adjustments on children and it is often a preventative therapy for future injuries or to help with athletic performance. We treat a lot of teenagers for various musculoskeletal complaints.

What type of education and training do chiropractors have?

Chiropractors have 2-4 years of undergrad, 4 years of graduate school training and oftentimes additional training in specialties that averages an additional 1-3 years. Their education is grounded in the biomechanics of human anatomy including the spine with labs in movement and with cadavers. They have more training in X Rays and anatomy/physiology and neurology than most medical doctor programs.